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Venus Raj Syndrome at Major, Major Starbucks

I went to Starbucks again to get a mood booster [coffee] because I feel so sleepy and I think I won’t be able to keep myself awake at the office.

Until now, I still have Venus Raj’s “Major, major” syndrome. That’s why when the Barista asked me which drink I want, I told him, “I want a Major, major venti Dark Mocha. ”

Then he asked me again, “May I know your major, major name, Sir?”

Of course, I continued the major, major thing and told him my nick name.

When they called me to get my coffee, I was surprised that they really wrote my nick with “Major, Major”.

After that, I realized that I should be proud of Venus Raj. Her shine is far more different than any other. She great influence to everyone.


I Love Tutuban!

After my Starbucks day yesterday, I went to Tutuban to withdraw some cash. Well, I was on my way home, that’s why I passed through there.

Then, I found this cool and comfy green T-shirt on Sale at Bizzare.

It’s only Php200.00, that’s why I grabbed it immediately.

It’s very cool; good enough for my country’s temperature. My friends think it’s very simple. That’s why I like it.

First Post: Being a Bookworm

Finally, my first post! Yey!

Welcome to EjomLexus: Everything Under the Sun = ME.

I’m actually here at Starbucks trying to find rejuvenation with my favorite Dark Mocha Frap. I’m excited to be here because I’m about to announce to my friends that my blog is all ready up.

Anyways, I just finished reading the “There’s a New Day Coming” by Herbert Vander Lugt, a book about a survey of endtime events written in the Bible. In other words, it’s a translation of the book of Revelation (Apocalypse).

I am reading such books not because I want to freak myself out by saying “Hey, the end is near!” Instead, I’m reading it because I want to know God’s warning signs about the end of time. I believe that the more you learn about that stuff, the more you can prevent yourself from doing “evil” things…and the more you’ll be prepare for the unexpected events that will happen.

And since I’m done reading that book, I started reading another pocket book which I also borrowed from our church’s library. The new book I’m reading is called “The Bondage Breaker” by Neil T. Anderson.

The book is about going out of the sinful life without dragging your feet out of your own self.  I believe this would fire up the things I’ve learned from the first book.

That’s why you should wish me a lot of luck. This would be a tough situation for me. Hehehe!

Well, despite of the hardships. I’m still happy that God is working at me. I feel like I’m being molded into a new being. I hope this would continue.

See you on my next post!