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Homemade Nasal Saline Solution!

GAWDnessess! I got runny nose and nasal congestion again. And every time I’m in this kind of health dilemma, my nose acts like a broken faucet. It never runs out of this liquid thing that drifts along with all the “ewwwness” that you can imagine. A roll of tissue might come handy, but never enough. Every now and then, you’ll hear me sniff and sniff and sniff, and, for me, I find it very vexing.

I already took some anti colds medications but it gives me super ZZzzz’s, making feel sleepy all day even I’m at the office.  They say its non-drowse, but my body tells me its non-sense.

Anyways, I asked my mom to buy me a pet bottle of distilled water and some salt so I can make a homemade saline solution that will make this colds go bye-bye! away.

Well, I have proven the effect of this homemade saline solution long time ago, ever since I was a kid. I just want to share it with you.

All I need more is an empty micronizing-spray bottle (or empty eyedropper) and a teaspoon.

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Captain American Costume Revealed!

Yey! released some pictures of the upcoming movie Captain America.

Chris Evans, who played the role as the Human Torch in the Fantastic 4 film, will play this time the role of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America.

Photo by Dean/

See the picture?

That’s the exactly the costume Evans will be wearing in the film.

It looks a little bit awkward for me because it is more like an overrated biker costume. Also, the motorcycle looks, uhm, something from the World War II but I hope there’s a story behind that.

Me? Excited?  Yes, of course, especially for the trailer. I’m also a fan of Captain America when I was a kid.

Intramuros — I’m Back!

Hello People,

I think I’m getting too much attached to Intramuros, Manila. I love going there just like during my college days.

I brought my co-Christians there to have a short Bible discussion. Well, I’m glad they loved and enjoyed the place a lot.

Aside from singing praises to the Lord and exchanging thoughts about the topic we discussed, we had some walk and, of course, picture takings.

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Mémoires of September

I was watching the video September Ends by Greenday when I remember my best friend Josh, whom I spent most of my childish memories with. (Yeah, not childhood, but childish. *chortle*)

Well, my best friend and myself just promised that we’ll die knowing each other and be the best of friends forever.  Unfortunately All of a sudden, he went to the United States to study — leaving me here with my old high school friends.

Before Josh and his family left, I talked to him to tell him that I disagreed that he would leave. I was like the girl in the video saying, “Oh! My God Oh! My God Oh! My God! You told me you’ll be here with me!”

Josh told me, “It’s for my own good! Aren’t you happy for me? Well, I’ll also find you a good opportunity there. You’ll get a chance to be with us there.” I replied with silence while biting my lips.

There was no crying and kisses, of course. However, I had mixed emotions that day. And right now I found it so funny and gay (ashamed to myself). But honestly, I told him that I would really miss him and his family so much, especially the food his mom (Mommy Estrella) was always cooking for me, and the way they treated me like an adopted child.

I absolutely miss them all (and I will keep on saying that). Actually, I miss the family more than how I miss Josh *chortle*. Sadly, all these goodbyes happened in September, a couple of years ago; it’s still fresh in my memories. Even so, I could feel that they didn’t forget me since they are still sending me chocolates and post cards in surprise.

And yeah, I won’t forget this today because it’s Mommy Estrella’s birthday today! So…

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Salcedo Park, Makati

Last night’s office gave me a slight headache because of the researched I had to finalize and submit to my boss and the technical issues that hasn’t been resolved.

To get relieved from the stress, I asked my co-workers if we could spend sometime together and browse the Salcedo (Park) Market here in Makati City after office.

We went to Salcedo Park and bought some food for breakfast and inquired about the terms and conditions of doing a business there.

After inquiring, I ate a yummy, yummy Japanese corn with margarine worth Php30.00.

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How to Say “Bye Bye, Headache!”

Recently, I was experiencing severe headache due to the quick changes of the temperature from our air-conditioned house to hot and stressful streets to freaking cold office. Add to that the sleeplessness and the office works that give you stress.

Good thing, this comes in handy.

It helps, really!

But I did some search on the Google to know more about the alternatives when it comes to curing headache. I don’t want to rely too much on medicine, because I want to enhance my body’s natural healing process. Beside, my headache was not as severe as the one you see in TV commercials. It was painful but still tolerable.

Here are some alternatives I found…

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The Power of 2 Mega Pixel (part 2)

As I’ve mentioned on the part 1 of this post, I was with my brother Arck when I took a little tour around Intramuros, Manila. And, of course, we were there for our walk-a-thon.

Fortunately, our walk-a-thon ended up to a photo-shoot, that’s why I really had fun.

Yeah, that’s Arck… my brother next to me. Just like me, he likes posing to camera’s too.

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