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Other Way to Defeat a MMORPG Boss.

I have my own philosophy in MMORPG.

If you can’t kill a MVP boss on the legit game, do it on the private server!

I played the private server of Ragnarok. There, my personal vendetta against the MVP bosses went over. Thanks to the x100 experience that made my character insurmountable.

Chortle! Chortle!

You said I’m cheating?

Nah!!! Everyone in the private server earns the same experience. And, everything that’s in there is non-transferable to the real Ragnarok. So therefore, I ain’t cheating.

Anyway, the real Ragnarok has a “Balik-Ragna” program. All those who have an obsolete account can now play back and resurrect their favorite characters.

What to do? Well, if you’re interested, just visit their official website at


Uhmm…I’m just trying to remember my old account’s details. And I guess after that, I’ll submit it to level up and I will do “Balik-Ragna”.

All I miss about Ragnarok are the guild fights and PVPs, so probably I’d come back. Yeah, really! I’ll try to come back! 🙂


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