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More of Justin Bieber (Yey! I spelled it right!)

Sorry Bierber fans out there! But I think your idol seem to have some sort of acting skills.

IDK! The video below might be a real accident or something. I found it very scripted, though.

Well, since earlier, I was watching all of his video on YouTube (yeah, you read it right). I was watching all his video when I found this…

Click Click Click!

I’m just curious why this video didn’t get too much of the views. Probably, people don’t want to see him hurt.

Or, maybe not!

This video here is a bit funny, though.

It made me say “OMG! The Kid! Next video please!”

Well, it happened to me as well when I was at GreenBelt Mall in Makati. I was talking to a friend and then suddenly every one heard a loud “BAAANNNG!”

It was my head, of course, that hit the glass door.

The funny thing there is that I didn’t worry about my head… I worried about the glass, because I think it was so expensive and my parent would probably kill me when they found out that I broke a glass door at the mall. Good thing, The door didn’t get damage. LOL.

Wait… you say I’m rude for posting this video?

Well, according to NatGen, “think again!”

Check this out too…

Who on earth said that we have the right to pick on Chuck Norris? Hahaha!

Okay! I’ll leave you there now. Bye!


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