Lyrics and Poetry

EjomLexus at the tip of ZZZzzz’s tail.


Look at me.

I managed to smile but any moment from now it’s already the sunset of my eyes.

Nope, I ain’t getting blind.

It’s just that I’m so tired and sleepy right now. And as I compose this blog, my hands are already doing sticky-keys. You know, “dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddffffffffff” – just like this.

I think caffeine is already a normal cell in my body; it’s no longer working. I’ve already drunk around 3 cups of coffee and a venti-sized starbucks Frap and still you’ll find me at the tip of ZZZzzz’s tail.

Well, what I did is that I looked for a quick tips from to see how can I survive this working hours without getting ZZZzzz’s.

Here’s what I found…

Click! Click! Click!

How to Stay Awake On Graveyard Shift

(Posted By: Troyster)

Staying awake at night when the body is used to sleeping can be a very challenging task. This how to will walk you through the steps needed to help you stay awake!


Things You’ll Need:

  • Coffee
  1. Stay away from anything that has a lot of sugar in it, especially juices. The sugar will give you a brief pickup but then you’ll crash hard when you come back down! I’ve personally found that Gatorades work really well if you want to drink something that won’t cause you to get super tired.
  2. Most people know this but I have to bring it up because it’s the truth. You can stay awake a whole lot easier if you consume caffeine. Coffee works pretty good just remember what I said about sugar.*When it gets dark and your body stops moving, the body thinks you’re ready to shut down. All of your lets get sleepy chemistry starts to take over! To avoid this, stand up on your feet. Walk around for a bit. Walking outside works best.
  3. Keeping things a little bit cool or washing your face from time to time will help keep you alert. If you feel super tired I suggest you do this.
  4. Try to keep your mind occupied on something. Preferably something that you do NOT find boring! Puzzles, books or music comes to mind but each individual is different and some jobs don’t allow such things to be used.
  5. Try to get some sleep just before starting your shift. If too much day passes by since you were asleep, you’ll start feeling tired again at night. If you can at least take a short nap just before your shift, it’s a lot easier to stay awake.
  6. Try to think of something somebody did that really made you mad or think of something you’re going to be doing that you’ll be really excited about. The adrenaline should help wake you up!

There you go! I think I know what went wrong now.

It’s all because of SUGAR.

Anyways, I hope you find this very helpful.


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