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Venus Raj at the Hostage Taking? – Behind the Picture

I don’t know if I’ll get mad or laugh at this photo courtesy of “The Rookie Blogger.”

I couldn’t help but to smile at Venus Raj and at the same time think about tragic incident that happened on that bus.

Well, putting the two greatest news in one picture is brilliant idea. But honestly, I can’t tell the emotion of this picture.  When I look at it. It was like I’m trying to figure it out if Mona Lisa is really smiling at her picture or not.

I mean, look…

It’s good to realize that Venus still looks beautiful no matter where you place her. You’d really think that she deserves a title in the Ms. Universe Pageant.

On the other hand, I realized how tragic and unforgettable the incident on that bus was. Actually, every time I will see my Chinese friends I remember the Hong Kong nationals who became hostages of our  ex-cop. And sad to say, many died on that Monday.

Well, I won’t give myself a headache thinking the correct way to react on this photo. I guess, I’ll just leave a comment on “The Rookie Blogger’s” site. Right now though, enjoy looking at the picture.


One response

  1. abby

    i didn’t get a chance to watch the event but she’s absolutely wonderful. sorry to hear about the hostage taking, though.

    10/09/2010 at 11:16 AM

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