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Dreams: The Fire Tornado

I was crying when I woke up. Then I checked our wall clock, and it was just 4:24 AM. I just rushed to kitchen to get some water.

Actually, I dreamed about a fire tornado.

The setting of my dream was in the Manila, right in front of my Grandparent’s house. I just was standing at front of the house and was watching everything happened.

The fire tornado was as tall as the usual tornado (Like the one on the picture courtesy of However, it was very thick, and I think it can cover a farm.

fire tornado

Click Click Click!

I didn’t feel any fear in that dream. All I know is that, I was just staring at the fire tornado that has gone left and right of my view.

The fire tornado was eating all the people and the houses around me. I even saw birds whose trying to escape the fire, unfortunately, they also burned and fell down from the sky as though they were shooting stars.

When I looked around more, I saw the people gnashing their teeth because the unquenchable fire was eating their flesh, and I could hear them shouting at top of their lungs. Some of them are holding their babies as they burn, and some are rolling on ground trying to keep their lives.

I could hear the crackling sound of their houses as well as the breaking of the glasses and the explosion of the house furniture.  And then, a dog came to me rushing. She hides at my back with the unusual emotion I’ve seen from dogs. I remembered my English lesson about vocabulary and idioms…the term “tail between the legs”.  I saw so the dog, she was like that, and yeah, she was really bothered.

Suddenly, the fire tornado was heading towards us. I could feel the warm wind touching my cheeks. I could still feel no fear. However, the dog behind me was squeaking from her nose – the way the dogs cry.

The fire tornado finally ate me and the dog. I was surprised that I was not burning. The fire was like when its winter and you’re in front of a chimney – that’s the only burning sensation I felt; it’s so warm.

Then the fire tornado left. Unfortunately, I saw the dog burned into ashes and so I cried.

Then I woke up.

(I’ll try to look for an interpretation about this…I’ll see you on my next post. Click here)


3 responses

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  2. crystalj

    hey there! freaky one. I rem’ber us doing that in the science class.

    It goes like this.

    10/09/2010 at 11:11 AM

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