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Head to Waist: Mood-based Fashion

We have all the freedom to choose who we want to be. And that’s the right I keep on exercising these days. I said I’ll be a kid if I want to. I’ll be professional if I want to.  I’ll go Gaga if I want to. But how do I express it?

Well through cheap fashion, of course.

Actually, my taste in fashion doesn’t go beyond the expensive ones. As long as it looks good, it is fine with me.  I ain’t choosy when it comes to clothes. Of course, just in case I really need to buy D&G or TopMan, I’ll go as long as my mood fits.

Anyways, with this one…

Click click click!

I feel like being … uhmmm… a cartoon character here.  Do you know Ashton Ketchum? Yeah, the Pokemon guy was my inspiration on this outfit even though I’m wearing cookie monster.

Some say, it looks like Jejemon-Fashion. Well, all I can say is… yeah, they are right! I somehow it was copied from jejemon.

Next, on the  picture below, my statement was like walking in the busy streets of New York city.

I put some layers just to hide my thin body and increase and body mass — and that’s what I want on that day.

However, I could only wear this – coat, hoodie, plus shirt –  inside the office since its cold there.  Hence, I have to remove the coat whenever I go outside.

On the other hand, this one is what I love the most – red jacket, plus my checkered polo.

It was raining outside when I got this on.

Why do I love this outfit? Well, it gives me pale glow…that’s why.  So whenever I feel like a Vampire… I choose to go with this combination.

There you go! That’s me everyday. I’ll be going shopping soon — perhaps buying something for my daily’s.

I’ll be posting it as soon as I grabbed those. 😉


3 responses

  1. Imnotyourboyfriend

    I like that cookie monster shirt and how can you see with that shades on?

    15/09/2010 at 5:56 PM

  2. sandra jane

    Hello F! It’s been so long since college ah! You’ve changed a lot but still a fashionista. I’m now reading your blog. keep it up!

    15/09/2010 at 8:03 PM

    • Hi there classmate! Thanks a lot. I appreciate your visit.

      18/09/2010 at 4:50 AM

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