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Messing Up with Drums

Sunday is the schedule of our church service, therefore, every Saturday we practice and do some Bible stuff at church to prepare ourselves for the praise and worship program.

When it comes to instruments, piano is my forte. It just so happened that I preferred singing that’s why I got into the back-up singers.

But just to know what “learning curve” means, I try to have some drums 101 lesson with our church drumer – my Sister.

Yeah, this i’s me — messing up with drums.

Click click click!

Actually, I knew I’m good in drums when I was watching and following my Sister’s way of striking the Tom-toms and snare drums. But when I was there already, it’s all gone — my skills are simply gone with the wind.

But anyways, I know I’ll be good next time. I’ll do my best to get my hands to the right path when it comes musical instruments, especially drums.

Gawd! I need more practice!


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