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Last time, I mentioned Resveratrol on my post about Loving Dark Chocolate.  I just want to give it a highlight because I was alarmed about the video I saw on YouTube. It’s about heart attack or the cardio…cardio…cardio thingie in medical term.

CARDIAC ARREST! (Thanks Google Search!) GAWD! That’s it!

I thought it was cancer which is the numero uno. I was surprised that Heart Attack still a “hit” when it comes to cause of death. After I watched the video below, I suddenly feel like everything hurts in me – my chest, my veins, my brain and my abdomen…every part of me! It made me realize that I need to do something when it comes to my health.

I chose to feature Resveratrol because you can hear it from everyone when they talk about anti-aging and longevity. And also, my Mom keeps on bugging me to buy her a bottle of the food supplement she saw at the online store. I just gave her an excuse that I will check the online stores first before buying.

Actually, I study about this at the office to see if we can combine Resveratrol to other food supplements and products. I have no intension of using it because I thought don’t actually need it.

But you know what?

Click Click Click!

Scientifically studies have not proven anything yet about Resveratrol, however, there were tests that show that this chemical compound found in red wine and some fruits are most likely can strengthen your heart and immune system.

In fact, Barbara Walters discussed it on her news on ABC and Dr. Oz in one of Oprah’s episodes. They found out that Resveratrol may actually fight the causes of heart attack like diabetes and obesity.

Well, got to go and visit my doctor soon. It much better to ask him first if we can take higher dosage of Resveratrol. And then, I’ll buy the  food supplement my Mom saw on the online shop.

Also, I’ll invite my friend tomorrow for another jogging session. I hope this could get rid of my anxiety.


One response

  1. tyra

    you’re getting too much paranoid about heart disease.

    23/09/2010 at 10:23 PM

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