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Salcedo Park, Makati

Last night’s office gave me a slight headache because of the researched I had to finalize and submit to my boss and the technical issues that hasn’t been resolved.

To get relieved from the stress, I asked my co-workers if we could spend sometime together and browse the Salcedo (Park) Market here in Makati City after office.

We went to Salcedo Park and bought some food for breakfast and inquired about the terms and conditions of doing a business there.

After inquiring, I ate a yummy, yummy Japanese corn with margarine worth Php30.00.

Click Click Click!

And look who played with me while eating…

He was a cute little astray cat, right?

Unfortunately, he ran away and I wasn’t able to adopt him. I hope he’s all right.

Anyway, I also got a chance to perform pole dancing at the children’s playground.

One of my officemates challenge me; she thought I could not do the whole thing.

Well, to tell you what, I have studied the basics of Pole Dancing, so I knew how to do some tricks…watch!

Whoala! There you go! The finale upside-down pose. Well, I won’t do this again, nevertheless, I got paid. Hahaha!

Ehem! I hope there’s more Salcedo days to come.


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