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Intramuros — I’m Back!

Hello People,

I think I’m getting too much attached to Intramuros, Manila. I love going there just like during my college days.

I brought my co-Christians there to have a short Bible discussion. Well, I’m glad they loved and enjoyed the place a lot.

Aside from singing praises to the Lord and exchanging thoughts about the topic we discussed, we had some walk and, of course, picture takings.

Click Click Click!

I lead the study this time. I was very grateful that God gave me the right words to discuss this.

Above is my brother Friz, he’s the bassist of the Christian band we have. Well, he’s not shy. This was just a stolen snap shot.

This is Levi. We call him the root of stories, because he has lots of stories inculcated in his thoughts. Every time we have a discussion, he would surely have something to share.

He’s a blessing for us.

Another snap shot of Sheena, the acoustic guitarist of our band.

I ain’t planning to pwned Manila. But this small cannon is pretty awesome. I wonder if it’s still working.

That girl is Racie. I don’t why she was making face like that. 🙂

Right beside Friz is Josh, the lead guitarist of the band. Although, he’s younger than me, he’s our leader for this Cell Group. Sorry if you see him barefooted. LOLz.

Others don’t have solo pics are Ardi and Arck — also my Sibs.

Well, the good thing about Intramuros is that you can sit and eat right at the wall. Just be very careful not to fall, because there were no barriers to save you in case of an accident.

Plus, the views is great! On the photos, we were facing a golf course and the some buildings of the City of Manila. Is very stress-free.

Sadly, we went there on sunset. We weren’t able to go to the places we want just like the Baluarte de San Diego.

Well, if you want to get to more about Intramuros, just click here.


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