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Mémoires of September

I was watching the video September Ends by Greenday when I remember my best friend Josh, whom I spent most of my childish memories with. (Yeah, not childhood, but childish. *chortle*)

Well, my best friend and myself just promised that we’ll die knowing each other and be the best of friends forever.  Unfortunately All of a sudden, he went to the United States to study — leaving me here with my old high school friends.

Before Josh and his family left, I talked to him to tell him that I disagreed that he would leave. I was like the girl in the video saying, “Oh! My God Oh! My God Oh! My God! You told me you’ll be here with me!”

Josh told me, “It’s for my own good! Aren’t you happy for me? Well, I’ll also find you a good opportunity there. You’ll get a chance to be with us there.” I replied with silence while biting my lips.

There was no crying and kisses, of course. However, I had mixed emotions that day. And right now I found it so funny and gay (ashamed to myself). But honestly, I told him that I would really miss him and his family so much, especially the food his mom (Mommy Estrella) was always cooking for me, and the way they treated me like an adopted child.

I absolutely miss them all (and I will keep on saying that). Actually, I miss the family more than how I miss Josh *chortle*. Sadly, all these goodbyes happened in September, a couple of years ago; it’s still fresh in my memories. Even so, I could feel that they didn’t forget me since they are still sending me chocolates and post cards in surprise.

And yeah, I won’t forget this today because it’s Mommy Estrella’s birthday today! So…

Click Click Click!

To Mommy Estrella,

Happy Birthday, Mommy!  I missed you a lot.

Thank you for everything. And I wish you all the best in your life with your family and son Josh. (I hope he’s not giving you headache). May God bless you everyday. I love you.

P.S. And keep the chocolates coming! Jk jk jk!


Bud, please tell your Mom about this. And yeah, you’ve read everything right. Hahaha!




One response

  1. Josh

    very touching! Umma gonna tell my mom about this.

    I will let her leave her comment here.

    Always take care. We miss you too.

    27/09/2010 at 11:53 PM

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