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On the Way to V16: Rise of the Muran

Hello International FlyFFers! Have you received an e-mail containing this?

(Click to enlarge photo)

V16: Rise of the Muran is near! Yey!

Are you now excited for the new jobs? Well, me too! Although I haven’t reached 2nd job for my new character, I’m really super excited for this update. Date of release, uhm…

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Where Have I Been?

2 days gone, I finally just got home! Sigh! After all, at last I got a chance to see my beloved PC!!!

Yesterday, My Mom and I have been to the clinic for our Annual Physical Exam. Well, they just took some blood and other things you-never-want-to-know-what from me so they could test it and see if there are something wrong with our health. Thank God everything went clear. The clinic didn’t find any abnormalities in our bodies except that I really need to gain a little bit more of weight.

Then earlier, my friend treated me for cake for some other reason. We went to LevelUpGames office, and took the FlyFF-PH installer. In the few days of playing of FlyFF International (GPotato), I suddenly feel the crave for our local Flyff. I don’t know why. Probably, I really want to taste the challenge in the Filipino servers.

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Questing…err…Question: What Quest are You on?

Hey Guys! After the maintenance, I still got problems with my patch earlier. Good thing, our forum is updated and I was able to find the fix.

I quickly get into the game after I resolve the issue myself.  But thanks to my techie bro, I understand now what “.exe” means. LOLz

Anyhoo, I’m glad you’re back in-game too!

I created a list yesterday and first in my priority queue is to finish all my quests!

Speaking of quests… I wanna know what quests are you on now?

Please leave your comments here to let me know what made your character busy in FlyFF. :3

FlyFF Maintenance?

I woke up early to play, but I was caught open jaw when I clicked on the “Start” and found out that the game is not…Raaarrrr…not working!

I bet you all see this error? (Click for larger image)

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Party, Party at FlyFF!

Just a quick post!

From level 20, I’m now at level 30. Thank you to my new friends and partymates Itchie, MeganRM and Deathmaester213 who helped me on my power leveling.

Everything went easy for me. All they needed me to do is to leech, therefore, I was just following them and alluring them with my goof balls. Actually, tomorrow, we will have more and long session of power leveling and item hunting. Once I reach the right level, they will include me in their guild fights and everything.

That made me so excited for tomorrow.

Hey, I want to ask you. Where’s the best place for power leveling in your opinion?


At last!!! Woho0ho0! My PC has finished downloading FLYFF international while I was taking ZZZzzz’s on my soft couch.

Thanks to my precious God the download didn’t get any reaking-fay errors. (ehem! forgive for my Pig Latin)

I started playing immediately, of course, by means of registering. I was surprised it didn’t ask me for too much info. And there, I was ready to play!

Click Click Click!


FLYFF Welcome Me Back!

I’m currently downloading a MMORPG called FLYFF (Fly For Fun) international.

IDK! I just feel like, uhm, to go back to the MMO I used to play. I wanted to say “Hi!” to my previous friends and guildmates. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, hoping that they know me still.

(click for a larger image)

As I mentioned on my previous post, I’ve been encountering some Reaking-Fay problems when I was downloading this game via our local provider (levelupgames). I remembered there’s an international server where I can download a much better version and service.

Probably, tomorrow, if ever all things went okay, I’ll start playing and keep you updated to my FLYFF-life. We’ll see if I could still survive everything in zero.

I’ll get back to you, guys, once the download is finished. See yah!