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Breakfast with Officemate at Max’s Restaurant

After the office, some of my friends and I went to Greenbelt 5, Makati to meet our morning shift officemate Sheila a.k.a. Mamang.

We had an enjoying walk-and-talk until we got into our real destination.

(Sheila is the girl on the right)

Sheila gave us an awesome and mouth-watering breakfast treat at Max’s Restaurant at Glorietta 2, here in Makati City as well.

And here were the food we ordered…

Click Click Click!

(Cheesy Corned Beef Omelet with fried rice)

(Chicken Longganisa with fried rice and egg)

(Clubhouse and chips)

It was actually her last treat as an officemate.

She resigned in the office for some reason and was planning to stay at her new house in Bacolod. (Mamang, I hope this ain’t what I’m thinking! HW???)

I got a message for her, btw…

Mamang, you know what? Shakespeare’s novels are not enough to express how we are gonna miss you at the office. I will miss bullying you. And, also, I will definitely miss the Banana-que and Salcedo Park days we had been together. I know we’ll still see each other, but that’s going to be a long time from now. And when that time comes, I hope you have a wedding ring nah on your finger.

Well, we hope you enjoy your new house in Bacalod. And whatever your plans are, I know God will bless you. Just keep praying.

I ain’t sure if I got your number, basta, see you on FaceBook. Thank you for the yummiest breakfast.


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