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After Parkour Training

My Parkour training went well today.

We are almost done with the lectures about the rolling, jumping and landing. I volunteered to try it in front of everybody, and thank God my bones didn’t crack. My co-newbies had fun too.

Anyways, I was tired and it was just 10:30AM. I needed to stay awake for my whole day [house] activities and for my Encantadia YouTube Marathon. Although I had my breakfast, my tummy got hungry because of all those basic parkour things. Imagine the calories I burned in this kind of sport.

Of course, I went to Starbucks to grab my yummy faves…

Click Click Click!

Yummy, right?

Well, I bought doughnuts and a hot mocha – enough to replenish my hunger.

Starbucks store was boring. The bossa nova and Bob Marley songs didn’t help me to stay up, so I went out to the mall and find something more interesting to watch.

Then, I found this giant chess board competition between a kid and guy.

It was fun, especially when the kid won over the guy who was twice as big as him.

Anyway, no training tomorrow…I have work…and I’m running out money. Hopefully, I could attend the upcoming the event on the 16th called PPFA FLOW which will be held at Quezon City Circle and Datu Shrine Luneta. (click here for the invent info)


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