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Milk! Milk! Milk! Got Milk?

Honestly, I love milk but I mixed with other drinks like fruit shake, coffee and choco-latte. This seemed to be the reason why I am tall today.

Why mention milk?

Well, I realized that Parkour mostly likely needs muscle and bones strength to do the all acrobats and stunts, that’s why I suddenly feel the need of calcium for my bones, you know, to forestall injuries and everything in the future.

Yesterday, I started reading lots of things about D-Calcium, Calcium carbonate, Calcium Sulfate, Calcium lactate and all kinds of calcium terminologies. Although it gives me brain hemorrhage and vocabulary stunts,  I found it helpful because it made me understand how different calcium really works in our body and how I will benefit from it.

Basically, calcium is good for the bones; and the 1st graders know that fact. According to some studies, drinking 2 glasses of milk a day is enough to supply the daily calcium needs. Hmmmm…

Click Click Click!

So, as part of my so early resolution, I started drinking milk in tetra packs. I hate the powdered ones because in every glass I feel like I’m eating/drinking pulvoron delicacy which gives me taste discomfort. Besides, based on my own observation, my tummy tend to become acidic every time I drink powdered milk, so I choose the ones on tetra packs to prevent any discomfort.

One of my choices amongst the milk available at 7-11 is the Selecta Fortified. It tastes good. And aside from its sweetness, it is also economical and fortified with lots of vitamins like Vitamin D, A, Niacin, and B complex compare to other milk like Bear Brand and Cow head.

I didn’t mix it with other drinks or cereal this time. I drink it plain. I will try to get used to for the sake of this Parkour stuff. Hopefully, it goes well with me or else I’ll try those food supplement I see it on the TV commercial.


One response

  1. Todd S.

    cool blog. it’s not actually necessary what kind of milk you drink but i prefer to drink fresh cow’s milk or soya milk.

    06/01/2011 at 2:33 PM

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