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Donkey Kong For Real!

I’ll mark this day as Epic-Failed-download-day because all the MMO’s I tried to download failed — either the files are not working (from direct download) or there’s no seed on Torrent.

There’s no Parkour today since it’s raining and muddy in Luneta. So everything ended up in YouTube Marathon.

And since I got an after taste for more PC games, I look for some things that would definitely recover me from stress.  Check this out…

Cool, ei? It made me miss Donkey Kong.

As some of us know, Donkey Kong game was developed and released by Nintendo in 1981. This is the game where Mario has to save Princess from Donkey Kong, who throws a lot of barrels on the path to block him.

This video was one of MTV’s many good shows. Unfortunately, I forgot the title of the show since it’s so jurassic. But yeah, thanks to youtube for keeping such video alive.



3 responses

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  2. Sorin

    This is cool. LMAO

    13/10/2010 at 7:29 PM

  3. Hanzo

    Pretty awesome! Haha!

    01/01/2011 at 10:18 PM

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