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Where Have I Been?

2 days gone, I finally just got home! Sigh! After all, at last I got a chance to see my beloved PC!!!

Yesterday, My Mom and I have been to the clinic for our Annual Physical Exam. Well, they just took some blood and other things you-never-want-to-know-what from me so they could test it and see if there are something wrong with our health. Thank God everything went clear. The clinic didn’t find any abnormalities in our bodies except that I really need to gain a little bit more of weight.

Then earlier, my friend treated me for cake for some other reason. We went to LevelUpGames office, and took the FlyFF-PH installer. In the few days of playing of FlyFF International (GPotato), I suddenly feel the crave for our local Flyff. I don’t know why. Probably, I really want to taste the challenge in the Filipino servers.

Click Click Click!

I was supposed to borrow this from my friend, but unfortunately (again), they lend it to somebody else. So there’s no other choice for me but to get an installer.

Why don’t download it on the official web site?

Well, as I’ve mentioned on my previous post, our local providers has bit problem with their download links. So I ended up sacrificing my Parkour Session today for the sake of getting an installer at LevelUpGames office, that’s why I will never forgive them if this doesn’t work. Joke!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you my new character. Probably, it will be more similar to my FlyFF Gpotato account, but we’ll see what the differences are.

Right now, I’m just so excited for our local FlyFF. Nyu~~


One response

  1. wickedfire 98

    international is fun. you should go back.

    28/12/2010 at 1:39 AM

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