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On the Way to V16: Rise of the Muran

Hello International FlyFFers! Have you received an e-mail containing this?

(Click to enlarge photo)

V16: Rise of the Muran is near! Yey!

Are you now excited for the new jobs? Well, me too! Although I haven’t reached 2nd job for my new character, I’m really super excited for this update. Date of release, uhm…

Click Click Click!

There’s no specific date of release. They just give us clue that it will be on early November. Hmmm, that’s just a few sleeps from now. Yeeeeee!

While waiting, you may want to check the 3rd Job Class forum naming contest result and the some interviews with the gamer.

Also, check out GM Turbo’s FlyFF comic and be amazed with the game mechanics of the Alienware Arena Promotion.

And that’s it! Hope to see you guys in-game once v16 has been released. Just give my character (Ejomlexus) a ding and chill down with me.


2 responses

  1. Oh Really?

    hey how often do you play?

    13/11/2010 at 6:27 PM

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