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I’m Back from Nowhere!

It’s almost been a month since the last time I posted my last blog. Well, I simply lost my internet connection because of my unpaid due for two months. In other words, my line was cut.

Good thing our business is up, that’s why I was able to pay all those bills and other stuff. Hence, I’m back gaming and blogging! Yey!

You know what? There are lots of things happened. I’ve been here and there, attended some parties and events, and I was able to focus my attention to work. I, actually, forgot my Parkour training; so I’ve never been to my training for a month. And, yeah, I’ve got a new haircut!

I also started accepting tutorial class for grade-schoolers. I teach all kinds of grade school subjects  — earth, animal science; mathematics; English; History; geometry (name it!). I do this because I feel the need of earning some extra cash to buy myself some things that I never had before, like my very own motorbike. I’m planning to get one after having my driver’s license. Probably, I’ll get an installment plan for that motorbike in February 2011, so the payment won’t be hassle for me.

Another thing, my Dad won on the election! Yes! Well, not as the president of the Republic, but as a one of the councilors of our Barangay (a.k.a. village or district). Since we had stick in to the manual process of counting,  we went up all day guarding polls and all the election materials. (I was a volunteer poll watcher too.  😛 )

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting all the topics I kept on my draft pad, including all the events I mentioned. I also want to share a Date site I found on the internet about gaming – yeah, like love and gaming. It’ll be great if you’re going to give my blog a visit on the following days.

Why tomorrow? Well, I’m watching Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito’s fight and I don’t want to miss this match. But promise! I’ll get back to you!

Anyhoo, thank you for those who kept on reading my posts while I’m gone, and for those who sent your comments, please keep it coming.

I’ll just do some filtering and you’ll see the legit ones posted soon after this post.

For those who sent me e-mails, thank you too.

See yah all!


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