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Sweet Tooth: Cheesecake!

Well, my sweet tooth never stops from craving for (of course) sweets. I eat chocolate several times a day; eat pancakes with honey almost every other day; and get a superb mocha and coffee at starbucks every pay day.

And that’s how I love SWEETS! *vow*

One of the yummy food that gives me “oohh! sooo yummy” feeling is the cute cheesecake!

Well, aside from the real cakes, these cheesecakes make my saliva say hello to the floor when I’m looking at it.

My favorite flavor?

Click Click Click!

Uhm, my favorite is the never-say-die Black Forest!

I’m so in love with black forest, really. I told my Josh, my best friend, once that if black forest cake is a human I’m going to marry her. Well, I ain’t getting it exaggerated or something, but it’s true… and I’ll keep on repeating it: “I LOVE Black Forest!”

To satisfy this craving of mine, I either go to some cake shop here in Makati or just simply make an order to my friend for a homemade one.

Well, my friend’s homemade cheesecakes are more delicious than the ones from the expensive stores. Plus, the taste will really make you smile.

Actually, he has a Facebook page. So for my Filipino readers, you may contact him if you wanna place your orders. Just give him a click  😉

—> Cheesecake Infinity

Anyhoo, on November 27th, my friends and I will meet for our self-declared chocolate day! Probably, we’ll eat in some restaurant in Manila.


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