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October 2010: Election Day!

The month of October was a hassle month for me, especially during the Election Day.

Everything has started at 6am. I went there at 7am with younger brother to do our job as Poll watchers or the ones who protect everybody’s votes. Also, as I mentioned on my previous post, my Dad was candidate for councilor position in our Barangay – more like a village in English –, therefore, we were there to protect his votes as well.

Check out how many people were there at the public school we were assigned at.

Imagine those people forming their own queue – very unorganized.

Click Click Click!

After most of the people have vanished in my sight, I voted.

I also had a good conversation with some funny people in the voting area.

After several hours of waiting, counting starts. And since this is a manual election, I made my own tally sheet just know if the counting was on track.

After tallying, we waited for another hour…and there! We got the result.

Our tired bodies were replenished when the election chairperson announced the winners. The votes were mostly in favor of Dad’s line-up.

So we were proud of that.


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