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Flyffer’s Improvement

It’s my mistake when I said that I never got an improvement.

Actually, there is.

Remember this screenshot I had from my previous post the “Party, Party at Flyff”?

Well, look at me right now. I’m now hunting the SteamyWalker alone.

I’m not supposed to be at this level. I could be in lower level, but as you see, I’m now playing the part as a hunter. Besides, my character has already the guts to defeat monsters higher than my level – all I need is a good strategy when it comes to healing.

By the way, I have already decided to become a Psy once I get to the right level. Thanks to my friend Leo who enlightened me to take the Psykeeper job once I reach level 60. I told him that my mage is full INT, and just like the the reviews and FAQs had said…Stamina is for Elementor and INT is for Psykeeper, therefore, I would definitely go for the PsykeeperJob. Hopefully, before the end of this week, I’m already taking 2nd job change request. And then next month, just in case the v16 has been implemented, you probably would see me taking the 3rd job quest – that’s my goal. Hehehe.

Anyway, I hope I could get into the game the whole week. Dang! Busy days!


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