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I need Perpetual Mercy, Diabetes.

Sigh! Starbucks has already launch their Christmas edition cups and promos. And as a tradition, we’re all collecting stickers now for the sake of next year’s planner and helping the coffee farmers around the globe.

All of a sudden, my sweet tooth came back, and it’s giving me the hell freaking toothache and wallet-ache.

(Yeah, that’s my newest term: “Wallet-ache!”)

Well, I just kept on ordering the yummy and my all-time favourite Black Forest cheesecake from my friend Alvin. That’s why I run out of cash fast. (click this link for more info about his store)

Click Click Click!


Actually, I was worrying about getting high blood sugar count, which may cause the risk of diabetes in the future. That’s why I’m taking anti-diabetes food supplements right now, so I could eat more and leave more! (Sounds  like a commercial, eh!)

Well, I’ve been reading that every where, that’s why I need to take care of myself even though it’s a sin to myself if do not to eat a chocolate at the end of the day.

Look at this picture:

It’s convincing me to say “Hello!” to diabetes.

But nah!

Time to cut-off “regulate“ my sugar in-take. Never I will buy choc-nut or Tobleron bar, I guess, I need to have a healthy habit, like continue my Parkour Training or do free running.

. . .

I guess, I’ll commit myself to that after I collected the stickers for my planner. RAWR!



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