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Happy New Year’s Eve to Y’all!

I’m so excited for later!!!

This is going to be my last post for this year! I’m so glad that’s I’m going to end this year with good blog ratings and awesome readers.

Thank you for your support since I started this blog, which happened this 2010! I hope you could see my ineffable joy every time I approve your comments.

Thank you for the Flyffers as well for the wonderful 2010. I’ll make sure that I’ll be posting more about our game this 2011, especially now that the Flyff v16: The rise of the Murans is somewhere around.

To my blogspot readers who e-mailed me about my Granado Espada…Yes, I’ll be back in-game soon, now that I upgraded my Desktop’s RAM. Just help me level up again when I come back…har har har!

And I think that’s it…

I ain’t gonna thank you all because this is not a farewell posts (haha!), this is a New Year’s eve post, we’ll still have more time to spend with together.

So there you go… Have a happy 2011, kiddies!!!


Boring Day — 2x Exp Mod Is Not Enough!

Maintenance day is over and it’s the start of the New Year’s 2x mod in the PH server. Even so, I don’t know what keeps this day boring.

Instead of training my character for v16: The Rise of Muran, I went to SM (Saint Morning) to buy and sell items. (Well, in real life, that’s what I do when I get bored as well).

Just to get a little fashion sense in-game, I bought some things to make my character look a lil bit fab.

Here it goes.

Click Click Click!


Flyff V16 — PH says: “until when??”

December 2010 is a good year for all INTERNATIONAL Flyffers.


Well, Gpotato has already released the v16, and it is now live and running. Part from the release is the job evolution and amazing updates. RAWR!

And here they are…

Click Click Click!


♫Sweet Dreamsss & a Beautiful Nightmare♫…Sigh!

My younger brother, who is an extreme YouTube addict, found this video.

He kept on playing this song over and over and over again, until I noticed that it’s a familiar one.

Yeah, it’s Beyonce’s Beautiful Nightmare.

And the way she sang it was brilliantly not  a nightmare.

Well, the girl is Tiffany Eugenio. You can check her out on her YouTube profile by click on this website:

See Yah!

At 4AM: Starbucks Breakfast

How much calories do you I think I can get from this breakfast?

Hmm…can’t guess? Well, I can’t make a guess too. And probably, Starbucks won’t tell me.

It was 4AM when I took this picture and I was in Starbuck Valero alone and writing my draft.

I didn’t have work today; I was just waiting for SOMEONE because we’re about to go and fetch our other friends in different places.

Why so early?

Well, my friends are Catholic, and today is the last day of their 9 mornings church thing. They just asked me to come along with them to complete the gang.

As I wait for them, I wrote the draft of this blog on my handy-dandy-note book which I bought at national bookstore for a cheap price.

Anyways, look at me… I look so d@rn… @#$%^!!!

Of course, I just woke up! From whose bed? You should never know. Ha!

Good bye, people! See yah again!

My Quest to Become a Psykeeper! (Picture Galore)

Here’s the last monster my Magician has killed before it gets to level 60 – the level that caused my eyes to sore for weeks.

I rushed immediately to the Darkon girl, Cylor, and accepted the quest for real! She gave a quick and easy quest, and that is to kill some monsters (Drillers).

I finished the killing quest in no time. I returned to Cylor and tell her, “Gimme more quest!!!”

I don’t know what’s with the “underwear”. But yeah, they need it for magical reason – what is that? Idk.

Click Click Click!


Interlude: Yes, It’s a Psykeeper!

I’m now writing my post for my Psykeeper Job Change quest.

“Imnotyourboyfriend” (one of my readers) is right on his comment, my character became a Psy already after all the years of playing Flyff.

Actually, it’s my first time to get a character on Flyff to its 2nd job. Before, I was like a play-today-leave-tomorrow type of player. The farthest level I’ve reached during those days was I think level 30 or 40…then I stop and then afterwards create a new account.

Now, I don’t know what’s gotten me. In fact, aside from my Ejomlexus, my main, I’m training another character. Probably, I’ll make a Billposter from her. I’ll just focus on my first character first, and then proceed with my plan next year.

I’ll also sell the list of special item I’ve got. I really need penya this time to start something here on my server. (I’m getting ready to conquer).

Good thing, I upgraded my PC’s RAM I could now do multi-tasking. I can play Plants versus Zombies and other high memory-consuming games, while doing vendo in Flyff.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s Christmas Eve! Wohohoo!