Lyrics and Poetry

Angel (by: Yours Truly)

I found an Angel
She came down from heaven
Yet she’s so far away.

We can talk,
But I can’t see and touch her face.
She makes me feel in love
And lonely at the same time (but it’s okay).

I wish my angel is here with me.
So we can fly above the clouds
And soar up the sky.

I wish my angel is here with me
So I won’t be alone when I sleep
And together we’ll dream.

But if I would never get a chance
I will put my heart in heaven
So once God call you back,
You’ll find me there right where you are.

And if ever God would send you here
back on earth.
You’d know where to find me
To give my heart back.
And i will love you again, Oh my Angel.


Here’s my super interlude post.

I made this poem for my friend & office mate. I’m super glad because she liked it.

I wish I could put all the notes and the rhythms right now. Unfortunately, I don’t have my guitar with me.

Well, I hope that next time could wait. 🙂

See yah!


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