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Epic Failed: Hair dyeing

As I’ve told you, I got inspired with Charlie McDonnell’s video blog about coloring his hair red. I challenged myself to do this because I want something for a change, and, of course, I needed to do it to comply to what I have promised you.

Last week, I bought an ORGANIC hair dye at the nearest drugstore at my place, and luckily I found the color I want. I did some allergy test first, so would run smoothly. (You know, SAFETY first!)

I did the coloring myself – because that’s what Charlieissocoollike did on his video. Good thing, there was an instruction in the box that’s why there was no hassle and worries on mixing the coloring paste in the tube.

Click Click Click

It took 45 minutes to finish the application and the wait.

And the result?

Here you go…

Well, I think it didn’t really fail, but my head needed sunlight for you to see the color.

According to the box, there’s difference between a “Virgin” hair and the hair that has already color. Probably, this is the reason why the color didn’t show up that much.

It was kind of unsatisfying, but at least I finished my project for this post.

Besides, it’s my first time to use an ORGANIC hair coloring agent, so I did expect that it would come up to this result.

But just to defy that “Virgin” hair thingie, I will re-apply another set of hair coloring – same color, same brand — by next week. Let’s us see how it really looks like if I have a not-so-red hair.

Thanks for staying tune.



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