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Great Kris Kringle Gift!

I so love Kris Kringle!

You know, giving gift to others feels so much fun. But it’s more fun to receive gifts from a person you don’t know.

Last Tuesday, my friends and I had a get together party at their place.

Aside from the food and drinks we prepared, it was also the time for us to introduce ourselves to the person we randomly picked 3 weeks ago before the event.

I didn’t get any clue who among my friends picked my name, but surely he knew me and he knew what I like.

Before we bought our gifts, we wrote what we want on our wish list. I simply asked for a diary…or an organizer/planner…something like a writing material. However, in our event, that’s not what I got…

I got something much better…

Click Click Click!

I was jumping for joy when I got a glimpse on the album.

Just an FYI. I love Jed Madela so much! I’m a big fan of him.  And I’m glad that my friends know that.

I have no regret of writing my wish late, because, as you see, this is worth a gift.

When I got home I played it immediately on my PC. I think I listened to the whole album 10 times…(actually, until my ear hurt because of the earphones).

Well, the album is composed of 16 classic songs. That include my Favorite…”Walk Away” (Originally sang by: Warum nur Warum/Don Black/ Udo Jurgens) and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Originally sang by: Paul Simon).

I ain’t sure how much is this in the music stores. Probably around US$9 to 10.

And I’ll keep on telling you. It’s worth it.

Thank you, Patrick, for this. 🙂


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