Lyrics and Poetry

Christmas in Flyff

I just woke up from the bed of fever. I suffered 40.1 Celsius of fever last night, and according to my Mom, I was hallucinating. I can’t remember anything, though.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come-in to the office and avail the 4 hours free shopping time exclusively for that day. I ain’t sure if I can do off-set, but nah…that’s impossible.

Anyways, later on it’s maintenance day on Flyff. I was able to log-in for 3 hours even though I was suffering for slight inferno.

Click Click Click.

I’m now getting closer now to the 2nd job as my character has already reached level 57. Thanks to the event and free give-aways in-game.

They are giving away the following:

Christmas Cake – Additional Atk

Gingerbread man – Additional HP

Christmas Tea – For unlimited skill usuage

Christmas Gifts – contains random Item

2x Exp Scroll – that’s it…

And, Christmas thing (consumable item) – heals 9999 HP.

I was selling some of these to earn lots of Penya. Probably, I will keep some so I can sell it after Christmas of a higher value.

Right now, I’m killing this bunch of Elderguards alone. I don’t join parties because they only have one motives – party leveling. Well, I ain’t against Parties. In fact, I love them. It’s just so happened that the party leaders and member of todays log-out after they invited you. You know, they use your character to gain party exp; and I so hate such attitude. They don’t even join or invite me to their raid.

Hopefully, next time I post my character is already a psy. I’ll just give updates guys.

Thanks for reading.


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