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My Quest to Become a Psykeeper! (Picture Galore)

Here’s the last monster my Magician has killed before it gets to level 60 – the level that caused my eyes to sore for weeks.

I rushed immediately to the Darkon girl, Cylor, and accepted the quest for real! She gave a quick and easy quest, and that is to kill some monsters (Drillers).

I finished the killing quest in no time. I returned to Cylor and tell her, “Gimme more quest!!!”

I don’t know what’s with the “underwear”. But yeah, they need it for magical reason – what is that? Idk.

Click Click Click!

At this point, I killed Kynsy and took his the magic underwear. And give it to these guys in Flaris. They were located in front of a pond. Probably, they will wash and use the underwear later. xp

After the underwear adventure, I flew all the way to Madren Town…

…and talk to Ryupang – who asked a request to get this item and deliver it to this altar.

Next stop, kill a gigantic monster.

This is a little bit tough, but not tough enough to invite my whole gang just to kill it. I just needed a gut and lots of healing food to bring down this monster who is located at Darkon 3.

And finally, I talked to this beautiful NPC. She gave me a little chit-chat but transformed me you later into Psy.

All in all, it took me less than hour. Thanks to my friends who gave me hints where this and that is.  My goal now is to level up and level up. I hope I could get a party or a guild …anything as long as they can include me in their raids and stuff.

Thanks for reading. See yah!

Merry Christmas Eve, People!


3 responses

  1. Mark Rafhael Deocampo

    what’s ur server?

    27/12/2010 at 4:51 AM

    • I’m playing on a Ph server.

      I have an account on the international too. I’m on Glaphan.

      28/12/2010 at 8:31 AM

  2. wickedfire 98

    it’s hard to train a psy alone. you should create a ringmaster on a different account. then try the dual windows. its a big help

    27/12/2010 at 9:35 PM

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