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Boring Day — 2x Exp Mod Is Not Enough!

Maintenance day is over and it’s the start of the New Year’s 2x mod in the PH server. Even so, I don’t know what keeps this day boring.

Instead of training my character for v16: The Rise of Muran, I went to SM (Saint Morning) to buy and sell items. (Well, in real life, that’s what I do when I get bored as well).

Just to get a little fashion sense in-game, I bought some things to make my character look a lil bit fab.

Here it goes.

Click Click Click!


I gave my character a nice, fresh look by changing her hairstyle and hair color. Thanks for the cheap coupon (I think the seller doesn’t know the market price of the coupon).

And here’s the before and after pictures…



Nice makeover, right?


I bought her some new headgear and shield.

It’s tough to choose the right item, though. Just like the devil headgear you see on the picture. I had to calculate all the stats before I found out that it is okay to buy it.

Aside from that, I sold some items too. Just like the Ginger bread, Christmas cake and Christmas tea I got during the Christmas event. Good thing, it is still in demand.

Plans tomorrow? Well, I’ll still do shopping since I got lots of Penya now. I’ll also get my character to level 70 before the first week for January ends.

How about you? Do you have any plans for 2011?


One response

  1. Andre

    Your character is cute. But you should have collect rare armors, that would give you the best stat. Just wear premium items to cover it

    01/01/2011 at 9:26 AM

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