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Happy New Year’s Eve to Y’all!

I’m so excited for later!!!

This is going to be my last post for this year! I’m so glad that’s I’m going to end this year with good blog ratings and awesome readers.

Thank you for your support since I started this blog, which happened this 2010! I hope you could see my ineffable joy every time I approve your comments.

Thank you for the Flyffers as well for the wonderful 2010. I’ll make sure that I’ll be posting more about our game this 2011, especially now that the Flyff v16: The rise of the Murans is somewhere around.

To my blogspot readers who e-mailed me about my Granado Espada…Yes, I’ll be back in-game soon, now that I upgraded my Desktop’s RAM. Just help me level up again when I come back…har har har!

And I think that’s it…

I ain’t gonna thank you all because this is not a farewell posts (haha!), this is a New Year’s eve post, we’ll still have more time to spend with together.

So there you go… Have a happy 2011, kiddies!!!


One response

  1. Imnotyourboyfriend

    Happy New Year too, Ejomlexus!

    02/01/2011 at 11:39 PM

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