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My Flyff Charitable Work plus an EeebbbiiiLLL Gamer…RAWR!

I can’t seem to find my comfort zone without helping anyone in-game. As much as I can, I want everyone to be happy especially Flyff v16 is already coming.

Reaching out my hand to a needy character is one of my forte in-game. Even though my character is not tanker, I always want to exert effort to help other gamers.

This magician here wanted a help, because he just needed 1 more level to become a Elementor. I granted his request for us to become party mates, and helped him level up. After few minutes, he showed up telling me that he already became an Elementor.

Isn’t that invigorating after all your solo effort on killing monsters?

Click click click!

Well, I ain’t declaring out loud my good deeds in-game. There just some kiddies who don’t really know how to say thanks after me helping them.

Just like this other gamer here. He didn’t just bombard me with beggar mode messages; this guy also gave me all the words that break my heart. Nyu~~

(Click image for larger view)

Because of that, I promised him his face on my blog. (evil laugh) (You’re popular now dude!)

This gamer here was asking me not only for my Penya, but as well as some pots, items and all the things he could ask. I refused, of course, because I don’t tolerate a somewhat hacker-gamer to spam another peaceful gamer – like me. 😛

Anyways, just to blow off steam I looked for another place to train my Psykeeper. Check out the picture at my character’s back. Do you know where it is? Hehehe!

You’ll find me there most of the time from now. Nevertheless, if another eeebbbiiiLLL gamer spams me again; I look for another place.

Okay…that’s it! See yah!


3 responses

  1. Josh

    Haha! That’s why you don’t level up faster. Join a Party that has fair exp contribution. I mean, a party where every one fights for everybody’s exp.

    06/01/2011 at 6:16 AM

  2. kira

    haha! there are lots of gamers like that. They deserve a boot in the ass. 😛

    10/01/2011 at 1:42 PM

  3. Hannah

    too bad 😦 I’m afraid there are a lot of those people these days …

    06/03/2011 at 5:03 PM

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