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Super Late New Year(s) Post!!

Last January 1, I greeted people from all over the world a “Happy New Year!”

And as part of my social-network life, I also greeted my buds at Datecraft’s Forum as well.

Of course, I received replies from them to saying their “Happy New Year” to me. However, I just noticed one thing…I noticed that there were letter “s” on their greetings. They said,


I can’t find the logic at first. It must have been a mistake. However, I received another greetings with that letter “s” again. (Click image)

Well, I ain’t  grammar savvy or an English teacher, but I find it weird to greet people a Happy New Year with “S”.


Click Click Click

I went curious, of course.

To figure it out, I asked one of my American friends to know what does it mean when you say “Happy New Year” with “s”. (Click the image)

*If you are unable to read it here’s what I said:

"due to our culture barrier (toinks) I don't understand some of the American stuff.

I wonder why do you say Happy New Years instead of Happy New Year.

what's the difference between Happy new Year with letter "s" and without "s"?



Tomorrow after, I received very polite reply.

He said…

good question. I think we say happy new years in respect that there will always be more and more to come. or its just bad english.

Wish i could be more help


Well, they don’t have an idea either. But I think I have to agree with when he said that “we say happy new years in respect that there will always be more and more to come.”

Well again, whatever what Happy New Years mean, I know it’s something good to say this January.

Anyways, See yah!


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