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FlyFF PH: v16 Muran Chronicles Page…

Grab a snack, kiddies! I’m now about to join the zombies on their stay-awake-journey every midnight due to the x3 experience mod, that was implemented last Jan. 07.

My character is slowly leveling because I take my journey alone in-game, and also I need to focus on other things like my real job as a supervisor.

Anyhoo, have you ever checked the Levelup’s Flyff page for V16?


Click click click!

I guess this should answer all of your questions.

Right on that page, you’ll be able to see the things that you’ve been waiting for Flyff v16 like the new maps, 3rd job skills, Baruna Upgrade System, new quests, new items and game play updates.

Make sure you take note of everything, because you might miss a thing when everything goes up.

Here’s my favorite, I also have tried my luck to see if the forum site is already working.

And this surprised me…

I am now able to access it! Yessss!

Well, forum is very important for me. That’s where I learn, share and read everything about the game. So good thing they fixed it.

Later, I’ll try to train my character least until level 71 or 73. Then, I’ll give my alt a chance to be an assist or acrobat.

See yah!


P.S. I noticed that Flyff PH used “Muran Chronicles” and not the “Rise of the Murans”. I wonder why? hmmm…


One response

  1. Imperialjinx

    muran chronicles and rise of the murans are just the same — v16 is all about murans.

    11/01/2011 at 8:48 AM

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