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Psykeeper Wanna Be?

Hi Kiddies! I just have a quick post for the newbies or those who just came back in-game.

Actually, they were asking me what are the skills of a Psykeeper, and how does it look like.

Well, this video I got here from YouTube user WarLordo7 will answer your questions for you.

I chose Psykeeper, because I’m bit kind of loner – a one-man army type of gamer. When I researched about Psykeeper, I found out that it matches my in-game taste, that’s why I decided to go on with this quest.

I’m having fun, of course. As you can see, I’m very consistent on promoting the Psykeeper job to my readers.

Hopefully, by time, I would be able to get my character to the right level to help you see what are the other quests behind this job. That’s why I will still keep you updated with my adventures.

Oh well! That’s all for now, kiddies. See yah in-game! (Just shoot me a message in-game if you see me) :3



Levelup has an upcoming event that you might want to check. RAWR!

Unfortunately, I have work during those hours. So you won’t be seeing me there. But I’ll try to convince my friend to go there and take some pictures. Hope he could see you there.

And yeah, visit their site ( for more info. Enjoy and  Happy Gaming!


One response

  1. Juana N. Trevino

    you meant dual-wielding lightsabers for that last one right?.Also I think youre right. .now thats a little slice of awesome!!I think my Avatar gives my opinion XD.Add a top hat and monocle and youre set FOR LIFE…

    18/01/2011 at 6:15 PM

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