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Appreciation Plus Sweet Spam!

It’s my first time to be treated like this.

I mean, I never thought that my blog will make it this far. Because the last time I launched my blog on blogspot, I never had more than 10 e-mails saying “hey! Wassup! I’ve read your blog!” But right now, I’m receiving lots of facebook messages and e-mail inquiries about different stuff.

I’m kind of flattered and amazed with all the good things you say about me, might as well the bad things…like, “F*ck you! You’re a *tooottoott* Admin!!!

Those messages only mean that you’re reading my posts.

But just to clarify once again, I ain’t connected to any of those companies you were referring to. Probably in the future, I’d consider that. But right now, nuh-uh…I’m still happy with my job.

Anyways, aside from you guys, I need to spank thank also the spammers who sent me their soul uplifting comments… Check this out.

See? Weren’t they sweet to send me something like that?

Actually, I’m planning to approve it. I’ll just erase their spam website, which contains, I guess, some sort of malicious stuff; but naahhh! I told you guys, all spam belongs to hell my trash bin. (Remember my about?)

So forgive me whoever you are, because I had to delete your comments.

On the other hand, I do apologize too if I didn’t post the question comments. I have some reason why I don’t want to do that. But I hope you get my reply to your e-mail.

See yah, Kiddies!


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