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Chiksilog Chronicles – What’s Chiksilog?

What is Chiksilog?

Chiksilog (n. Chick-see-lawg) is the Filipino term for male gamers who use female characters in-game to allure other male gamers so as to get some in-game stuff and services. These types of gamers are usually engaging with co-players with some male-female talk about love, sex, and other things that can be talked about in-game just to get their real motives…

Actually, if this is a crime I’d probably spend a long time in jail paying for every in-game items and money, and experience points I got from other gamers. (Good thing, it wasn’t!)

Anyhoo, to elaborate it more for you, here’s how I do my Chiksilog thingie with the other players.

But before anything else, I would like you to introduce my latest and future victim — MR. NICE GUY! (Click image for larger view)

Well, I won’t show off his real character name. I’ll hide it for some privacy and protection purposes of this character.

Click Click Click!

At this point, my character has already reached the level I want so as for me to start killing other players on PVP. However, that guy on the pic has stolen my attention to keep me away from my original plan.

Well, he has asked me to join him for an in-game date. He told me that he was going to lich me.  And  as you know, Ejomlexus in Flyff is a female character, that’s why boys are getting a lil bit crazy about her. 😛

The only thing he asked me to do is to talk to him…about what? Well, of course, we talked about everything. And, when I say everything, I really mean EVERYTHING!

He started that “everything” stuff in a little chit-chat by asking something about me and where do I want to train my character.

And since I’m a self-proclaimed professional when it comes to being Chiksilog, I was able to convince him that I’m a 20 y/o girl-gamer, and the youngest among my sibs – and I have big brothers who are very strict. The only real thing I told him about me is that I’m a blogger. Ha! (And with regard to the training location, I said it was up to him).

To make the story short, our characters became so close to each other — so close he almost asked for my real number and facebook account. (The hell I’m going to give it to him! RAWR!).

Anyway, our characters’ love affair didn’t stop there because a little later, before he disbanded from our party, he gave me some items as a token of appreciation.

I didn’t ask for it or mention it during our conversation; I was just surprised that he was really offering me items which is I accepted, of course.

Well, the item was not as cool as I expected but at least I got something…

(Next time, I’ll give you a tip on how to do it…)


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  4. Hannah

    Hahaha.. nice blog… ^_^

    06/03/2011 at 4:38 PM

  5. malupet


    15/07/2011 at 1:53 PM

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