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Chiksilog Chronicles – Here’s How You Should Do it!

I tried to get my character to the next level but I failed. I just realized that the exp the monsters are giving me is getting lower and lower and lower as my level go up, up, up. Therefore, even though there is x2 or x3 exp mode, I won’t make it right on schedule to get my character to the next level.  I’ve finally realized that I need a party or a good weapon so as to help me fight higher level monsters.

Anyways, back to our Chiksilog Chronicles. My character had difficulty on hunting her in-game boyfriend or any male in the game that would bite his her bait.

Good thing I knew someone who can perform the act of a victim for me, that’s why I stopped the hunting and proceed with taking pictures and editing.

Let’s start!

Click click click!

Of course, the very first step you need to do is to get a target. And just like in real life, look for someone who looks like Richie Rich (like the ones who has cool fashion sets). I trust that you know how to determine who are the rich characters and who are the not(s). Usually, these rich characters are on battle, so you may find them where they’re training their characters.

Once you find your target, try killing monsters around him. Not to close, but just enough for you to see him or for him to see you.

Then, use these most important emoticons for Chiksilog:




I usually start my conversation with /love, but it’s up to you. Once your target respond with emoticons or with “Hi!” and “Hello”, that means you caught him already. All you need to do is to tell him how strong he is or how good-looking and/or how amazing his characters is.

Then, if you have some cheer points, send him one followed by another emoticon.

Once they talk to you and ask if you’re a girl. Don’t say “Yes” immediately. Instead say something like, “No one believes me if I say yes; no one believes me if I say no! But yeah, they say I’m ‘Lesbi@n’… even if I’m not”

And then, for sure, your victim will either say “Most of the gamers are great pretenders! They know how to fool other guys!” If this is the case, you can just simply reply “really?” then follow up with “well, I cannot blame you because that is so true. Tee hee hee!”  (Remember, this powerful chortl, the’ tee hee hee!’) Then continue it by saying, “If only I have pictures on my Facebook, I’ll show you.”

The follow up question from the victim will be the crucial one. It’s either they will continue asking you your #1 facebook account or #2 any proof that you’re a girl. If this is the case, tell your victim that all your pictures are your flyff characters, no space for your real face.

If he insists, tell him that “it’s all right and that’s the same thing they say about me. I will post sometimes a simple pic of me.”

If he continued, divert the topic by telling him something about your “imaginary boyfriend”. Say it like, “Actually, my boyfriend was asking me to stop playing.” Then continue it by saying, “Probably, he’s doesn’t want me to see talking with other gamers.”

Or, you can use your Dad or brothers if you’re not comfortable on using “boyfriend.” Just tell them your own story. Make sure that everything you say is accurate.

Once you have surpassed this part, you are free now to ask from the victim. “Where are you training your character?”  Then ask him if you can join.

Once he agrees, make sure that you continue to lure him with your stories. Just make sure that you remember everything you tell him, so the next time he’ll ask you the same question, you’d know what to answer.

(To be continued…)


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  1. JugglerChris

    Hahaha! it so gay but cool. thanks for posting this.

    19/01/2011 at 11:34 AM

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