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A Good News and 2 Bad News!

I’ve got 1 good news and 2 bad news for you, Kiddies!

The good news…

I’ve met my ex! And it is confirmed, I’m still in love with her! But here’s the thing…

Bad News no. 1 – She’s already taken… … … … In other words, No more REVAMPS! 😥

Well, that’s life!

Sometimes, fate plays with our feelings so as for us to learn something new. Unfortunately, fate found a play ground right inside my thorax, and he liked sliding deep within the veins of my heart, that’s why it hurts a lot.

Bad News no. 2 is Flyff v16: Muran Chronicles is still not up and live!

Level up has announced that they will release the said version this Jan. 17, however, there are some sort of security issues (according to them), that’s why they had no choice but to postpone it.

But yeah, I’m willing to wait. I just hope that it won’t take forever or else I’m going to click this icon here.

Well, it’s Granado Espada — one of my fave MMO as I’ve told you on my about me. I just uninstalled  it and stopped playing because of the freaking RAM requirement.

And since my RAM has been upgraded, I’ll probably start playing GE this coming Feb. I’ll just get some few things done here, so I won’t get any problems.

Anyways, back to Flyff, you might want to check some updates from them regarding the event happenings today. Plus, I think they mentioned something about the resolution on the issue of (PH) Bubble server. Click here to direct you to the Flyff Level Up site, and see what they did.


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