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I Hate Afternoon Shift Plus New Phone in the Near Future!

Working in the afternoon shift sucks! I can’t go to the mall, I can’t go out at night and, I can’t go to any freaking kind of life.

I just stay at home after work, go bonding time with my blog and play with my character at Flyff. Then, on the next day, everything is the same. All I need to do is to roll the dice so I could decide which is which I have to do first.

Anyhoo,  I was recently writing something in my plan book and I was asking myself what I should buy for myself when my sick leave conversion comes. I was choosing between an iPhone or something Android.

Well, I miss the touch screen thingie, and, I hated now the QWERTY stuff since my recent phone doesn’t have too much of the exciting features (and my friend told me that Blackberry sucks).

If not iPhone 4G, I think I’m going to grab this cool phone from LG.

Check this review from phonescoop on you tube.

Yeah! I want to use a 3G enabled phone plus in future, install Plants versus Zombies there.

See yeah kiddies!


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