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Guilty of Playing this PS Game Before…actually, even now.

Remember this game, Kiddies?

Well, that’s Guilty Gear, one of the reasons why I should repair my obsolete Playstation console.

And, those are my fave characters, Sol and Testament. (I like Testament more, though).

My friend Johnard reminded me of this game.  And he told me that there’s a trailer on YouTube that I need to watch.


Click Click Click

Here’ it the video. So, watch, watch, watch it!

I think this ain’t the Justice’s revival story anymore. I think it is more like the story of the Arcade release of the game, the Guilty Gear X, where the United Nations held another tournament, offering 500,00 world dollars for the destruction of the Gear…blah, blah, blah!

I searched torrent to see if it has a downloadable movie of this, unfortunately, there’s none yet. Probably, I really have to wait for its official release. Or if you find one, just let me know. My contact info is right on my about me page or just post your comment here.

Thank you for reading (and watching). See yah!


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