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Android Has Had Fingers!

Hey Kiddies! Right now, I’m still in the process of choosing which is the best Android phone I will buy for myself this coming March.

What’s with March? Well, it’s my anniversary in the company. And I want to treat myself for doing a good job last year. Then on April, I’ll give myself a cool vacation with my “lovesidoopsi” – this is for my anniversary as a supervisor of my account in the office, and also to celebrate our never ending love.


Well, a lot of things happened, you know. And I feel like treating myself because I did a great job last year and now. And I deserve a self reward.

Anyways, back to the “choosing the best Android Phone,” I found this video on YouTube, and it got me so amazed. I amazed like the word mesmerized.

Check this video!

It’s Sony Xperia Play!!! And it looks like a PSP now.

Anyways, it’s so funny and gross that the they put fingers to Android’s…err…hands just to play this gadget.

But yeah, I hope I could navigate this phone soon, so I could decide so easily which Android phone should I buy.


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