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Things That Make Me Float on Air!

What do you usually feel if you receive something from you love?

Well, I feel so special in any way. Receiving something from my “Bhie” is like fueling our relationship – you know, making me feel so in love.  That’s why I do the same every time I feel like it’s the right time to give her a gift.

Recently, she gave me a healthy Carman’s snack.

More than that, though, what would you feel if she did something like this:

Click click click!

I asked her to keep my diary for a while. I don’t care if she reads or take a glance of it. She put it in her bag, and later on, when I was about to write something in, I saw this sweetest message I’ve ever received from a special someone.

I Love You So Much, my baby! Mwah!

Always take care!

Keep smiling =)

God Bless You!

And not only that! She also took an effort to write something on a piece of paper just to tell me that she loves me. Of course, I wrote back and did the same. Hehe!

I am so proud that I am receiving such. I feel good when I see ourselves in this movie-like love story…I’m proud of my Baby too! I pray that it won’t end.

Well, I promise I will love you with all I can. Or, more than that! These things inspire me a lot.

I Love You, Ands!


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