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Flyff Fasting! (In other words, I’m not In-Game, Right Now!)

You might have noticed that I ain’t posting any Flyff stuff these days. I’m currently enjoying PS games like Legend of Legaia, Bloody Roar and Final Fantasy series.

Well, my brother just downloaded a PS simulator, enabling our PC to load up…PlayStation games.

And these old games are awesome! It was like going back to the old days when I sweat on these games. Now, it’s so easy. I can defeat enemies with good strategies I learned from the now-a-day’s MMO’s.

Anyway, I just noticed this monster when I started playing Legend of Legaia (LoL) yesterday.

Check …they have some sort of similarity right?

Flyff’s graphics is only advance, compare to LoL which was published around 10 years ago.

I’m planning to go back to Flyff after this week’s maintenance. I just want to finish the games I started, which will take me 3 games per day (well, that’s how addict I am…hehehe!). 😛

Hopefully, Flyff v16 is already launched by that time.

Thanks for reading, Kiddies!


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