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Eat Bulaga with my Officemates!

I was invited by the other department in office to join them in their trip to Eat Bulaga, the longest running afternoon show here in the Philippines. They said, they had passes to the show because they knew someone from the network to reserve seats for us.

Of course, I joined them since “my love” came with them as well.

And here’s the episode, from youtube.

Well, did we get TV exposure?

Click Click Click!

Yes, of course, we had.

See the guy on the left side, the one wearing eye glasses? Well, that’s me?

Unlike my some of officemates, my exposure was just my back and hands, and half of my face. While them, they really had good ones.

I really had fun. I could not forget about this experience I have. Actually, this is my first time to bond with the other department…and yeah, this was a great time; I really really had fun.

Next time, we’ll go they will go to Baguio. I wish I could come with them; but it depends on my budget. Haha!

Well, I’ll do my best. My love is also coming there, so I’d really do all my effort to be with them. :3

See yah, kiddies!


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