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Same Old New Hairstyle

I just had my hair done. This ain’t a new to my style. I, actually, had this haircut before; I think that was last December 2010.

The only difference on this hairstyle is that the slash on the left side of my head has been doubled. Check this out.

Of course, it was done by my fave salon, Bench Fix – San Lazaro.

And Marvin, my hairstylist, had this idea on giving me a semi-bad boy look.

By the way, this photo was taken using my Samsung Corbytxt’s 2 mega pixel camera. I just gave it a slight touch of gradient filter so it would be more like taken using an DSLR camera.

By the way again, if you’re gonna ask me, if I like my hair today. Well, who don’t? I’m enjoying this haircut as of the moment. I hope my Hairstylist would be able

Thank you for Reading, xoxoxoxo!



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