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You’re Walking Away

I didn’t know what to say

When you said you’re planning to leave

It crushed me down

Coz I got used to the way yesterday has been

It’s for your good

and I certainly understand

But missing you is something like a hell for me

Burning me with sadness each day I want to touch you

Who am I to stop you?

Who am I tell you what to dream?

We are what we are

But it doesn’t mean I can write your story with my own hands.

Convince me that you love me

Although I felt your heart from the very start

Convince me that you won’t leave

Despite of this plan of being apart.

And please just don’t say good bye

Because that would make me weak.

Instead, you say, wait for a while

Because my hope is there to wait despite of the pain every day.

I love you so much

And you knew what I mean when I say that.

I promise you I won’t change

Every day I will always stay this way.

Don’t kiss me good bye

But kiss me with love.

Don’t say good night

Because my heart will always shine at you like the sunlight.


Hey, Yo, People! How yah doin’???

My blog became inaccessible for a week for unknown reason. The wordpress sight was working, but my blog’s URL wasn’t. I tried to access to other PC and was able to view it.

I suspected that it was my network connection’s fault and not my account on wordpress, because if so I should have received an e-mail from wordpress saying that my account was suspended or something.

But yeah, that made me absent all this time. My friends once again thought that I was on vacation. To tell  you what, I was freaking bored here doing nothing but to check and see the error every time I visit my blog site. Dang!

So pips are asking, how’s Ejomlexus’ life in the past few weeks?

Well, as you all know, I’m in love. And right now, our never ending love story still continues, and I hope as time goes by our relationship would remain as strong and hard as my skull. I thank my “Bhie” for inspiring me every other day – and that makes me fail in love every day.

Flyff life?

Uhm, the latest update is that they’ll be launching the v16 after the maintenance tomorrow (at last). Hopefully, I could get time to play and update my patch by that time. And also, I’m planning to go full time with my main character, therefore, I’ll set aside my plans on power-leveling my alt character – not sure when I should start. For a while, my alt character will be my bank.

And lastly, my normal life – this one, I’m not sure if it’s okay. I’m having some sort of family issues. Definitely because of being “out” or something.

The rest is okay. Thank you for staying tune.

See yah!


Is This Lady Gaga?

Born This Way nailed it again! Congratulations to the Mother Monster!

Anyways, check this picture. I guess there’s something wrong.

Is this Lady Gaga?

Look closer!

Now, tell me, is this Lady Gaga?

Click Click Click!