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FlyFF PH v17 — When Do You Think?

I’m back in gaming, kiddies. But just for now.  I got a chance to visit my PC here at my home in Manila because I’ve got to see my parents and face some of my obligation in which I mentioned in my previous post.

Anyways, I just revisited the Flyff Level Up Game site, and noticed that they have not updated the game to v17 yet.  As far I remember v17 has been released a couple of months ago in the international server, which is hosted by GPotato, and it is now being enjoyed by many players including the PH gamers who moved because of the boredom in the local Flyff.

Well, during the v16’s much awaiting release, it took Level Up Games several promises before they were able to release the said version. Then, it rained bugs and technical difficulties during the first month (which were forgivable) and the forum was inaccessible to the gamers who has complaints and concerns.

Well, I hope it would not happen to v17.

What’s with v17 anyway?

Click Click Click



Friday Sickness Plus The Lazy Song

Good morning, world! ~

I felt a lil bit bad today and don’t fee like working because of the disappointments yesterday. I was with my mom over the phone last night, talking about the expenses at home. I blamed the world again because it’s all me “again” who needs to deal with all the stuff – and everyone knows how BS is that to shoulder big expenses at home without a help from anyone.

To tell you what, the current home expenses I’m talking about would eat 90% of my salary, leaving just my food allowance for the next payroll cut-off. Thus, that kills my plans for this week.

Unfortunately, I really have to face this alone because my younger brother has no source of income during summer. You know, no school days, no salary for the teachers. And my lil sister is just on her way to find a decent job. I hope she could find a better job so she could start helping me deal with the household stuff even though I don’t live there anymore.

But yeah, as I’ve said, I have to deal with this myself… probably, just for now. *breathe-in, breathe-out*

And since, I feel so lazy to face the world today, here’s the song that fits my mood…I guess.

Well, it’s a feel good music from Bruno Mars for all those lazy people, like me, out there.

See you around, Kiddies!


Another Monthsary (The Fourth One)

It was raining hard here inManilayesterday. According to the news, there would be a typhoon approaching today and will land fall somewhere inLuzonby tomorrow.

Thus, I kept my umbrella handy and my jacket somewhat prepared just in case everything will get worse.

Well, the 28th of this month is coming again. And that means my hubby’s monthsary is getting closer too. I’m in the mode right now of thinking of the best gift I could give to him for this month. I would love to give something again so special that can remind of the good and romantic things he did to me.

Actually, for him, it’s not a big deal to celebrate the said date because practically speaking he doesn’t want me to bother in buying stuffs since it’s out of our crazy budget. For me, though, it’s a great day to remember, because that’s day where I finally found the one I’m praying for – and that’s him.

Usually, I give him love letters and buy him his favorite food. This time I want give him more than that.

Of course, I want to save the best in our anniversary. But right now, I simply want to make him feel that he’s so very special to me, although I make sure that everydays are special days for us.

Later, I’ll be going to the mall and check what’s the best. If don’t see anything still, I’ll go ahead for plan B – something personalized. 🙂

I hope this would work, so wish my luck kiddies!


Something That Inspires Me to Become a Model

I have an idea of pursuing my dream to become a ramp model now. I got inspired again because of a fashion website I kept on looking the past few weeks.

The website is called “The Fashionisto”

As I’ve said, it’s a cool fashion website with lots of pictures of male models from different parts of the world.  You know, more like a photo album of all the male models.

I got inspired because I see male model of my size are still in in the fashion world. I thought my body type is not in the trend anymore because there are lots of bulky-muscled guy in the competition here in thePhilippines. Add to that the Brazilians who found their way here to earn money through modeling and show business.

Well, I can’t blame the endorsers and other people to choose foreign models. People would really prefer to see foreign models rather than those of their own kind in different endorsements and stuffs.

Anyways, back to the website, you may visit them at and let your eyes swell in the beautiful world of male fashion models.

Let me know too if I am really “In” into this stuff. Thanks!


Satisfied Or Not Satisfied?

I don’t quite remember how in the hell did I get myself into this world of internet marketing when all I know is that I enjoy my life as a Team Leader of that food supplement account when they took me out of my seat saying “Hey! We’re gonna get you for the next level of your career!” Then a few minutes later, whoalah! I bec

Right now I click and check on different websites everyday to see if we can use it on creating ads, trying to earn money from it.

Well, probably I say this because it’s just I’m not ready to take my career to another level. But that’s life! You sometimes don’t know if any of your dreams are already coming right in your front door, surprising you with a boom, and catching you unprepared.  But then, just like before, I will try to get used to it even though I feel somehow not ready to take this leap.

Anyways, I ain’t here to discuss my career plans with you (not yet).

I posted this blog, because I feel this picture kind of disturbing for me.


I found this when I was checking a series of websites in the net for my job.

Well, it’s not the product or its price that is disturbing. But, no offense, I think it’s grandpa who made this picture a bit part those of the funny TV commercials, except he’s just a life-size picture.

If I were to ask you, would you still buy this product? 😛

How Many Times Do I Have To Say “I’m Back!!!”?

I’m back (again)!

I keep on saying I’m back, I’m back because as you know, I’ve been absent for weeks here on my EjomLexus blog. Actually, it came to my thought to say good bye to you guys but I guess it would be so hard to leave something that you want to do (if only you have time).

Honestly, I miss blogging now. As in I terribly miss writing stuff about everything in my life. I didn’t get a chance to write because I moved to a place where I have no computer. What I mean is that I’m no longer living with my parents in Manila where I could log-in to my blog anytime, anywhere with my laptop or desktop. I already live in Antipolo City together with my boyfriend and his family. And since he has no laptop, I merely got a chance to check my facebook account or, as I’ve said, write to a blog.

If you’re gonna ask me how’s my life? Well, first, I’m no longer a Team Leader on my account. Nope, I didn’t get dethroned but they transferred me to another company project, which is all about Marketing.

Actually, I didn’t know anything about marketing, that’s why I kept on wondering why did they throw me here like a piece of paper. Well, I’m clueless. All I know is that, they need people here and they chose me.

Second, my love life is okay. But as usual, there are tests…as in LOTS OF TESTS. But thank God patience and chances were invented, that’s why I could still breathe until now without the heartaches.

Lastly, my family is okay. They already met my boyfriend personally. And another Thank God because there were no arguments happened.

Well, I’ll try to keep you posted this time now. But, unfortunately, no games updates at the moment. Probably, you’ll see more Android OS reviews in the next posts since I’m buying new phones this May.

Let keep our hopes high to revive my dead blog. RAWR!